1. How to get back to this page:  Click on “How to’s” in the lower left corner.

2. How-to’s in general

How to do Pictures

The Goldilocks size weighs less, costs less, and is matched to its load.

How to do Videos

YouTube shows several How-To-Do-Wordpress videos, but it’s hard to tell at first glance if a video is about (only for Holly Springs packages) or about (for the advanced packages).

How to Edit

Just above the content box, notice “Visual” and “Text.” If you can write HTML code, then “Text” is for you.

How to find the missing pages

Wow! Here they are!

How to order the designs?

I put the designs I thought you want to emphasize near the top of the page, less important ones near the bottom. Their place is controlled by…

How to Post – More

In the black strip at the top, hover over New and click on Post. If you like the wide margins ...

How to Post – Outline

In the upper black bar, click on “New Post.” ...

How to separate your websites

On second thought, I recommend a whole new website.

3. How-to post TI-89 lessons and tests

Caps & Lowers

Caps & Lower Case are a whole bunch easier to read quickly than are ALL CAPS.

Displaying Characters Correctly…

Formatting freedom

It's wide open. Side bars, too.

Ordering Posts

To order posts on the TI-89 page, start titles with a pair of digits.

Page Background

Having the background of the TI-89 pages the same as your other pages helps tie your website together.

Photo vs. Document

If a photo and a document have a conflict, the photo usually wins by squeezing the MS Word document into too small a space. So I put the photo above…

Photos & excerpts

Yes, you can use photos.

Plugins to consider

WP QuickLaTeX Codecogs Latex Equation Editor Calculated Fields Form Watu HTML Special Characters Helper Unicode Characters Keyboard …


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