Intellectual humility


I want to be kind to my audience, who at this age, may be thoroughly drenched in a sea of popular thinking that seems oh-so-reasonable but when allowed to be examined, is a fragile imagination.  I hope I do not turn those off who are genuinely interested in a clearer picture of what really is going on and what really did happen.  I don’t want to hit anyone over the head with trite evangelical phrases some people sing out like birds calling those of their own feather.

WeKnowInPart - CopyIt was a shock to me to discover that some people thought that the Ten Commandments were actually relevant today.  It amazed me to learn that some people thought that there should be no distinction between macroeconomics and microeconomics.  I was taken by surprise and disbelief that a PhD would think that the story of Noah’s Ark was more than an allegory.  Fables in my fuzzy ignorance sharpened into facts, sharply defined facts began sinking for lack of foundation into fables.  The king had no clothes, but it took someone who could not lie to open my eyes before I would believe my eyes.

I took the stand and still stand on the ground there is only one truth, that it is easily discoverable and inherently obvious, and that I should follow it wherever it should logically lead.  I was turned off by the Bible thumpers who insisted that what scientists said was in conflict with what the Bible says.

I have lived only 75 years, taught over 25 different technical college courses, am in sound mind and body, have had the privilege of being wed to a wonderful, thoughtful professor’s daughter, have a couple of master’s degrees, and more.  I have read a lot of material, both pro and con on the issues I am exploring here, and wish to pass on a synopsis in the form of proofs and evidences for a consistent world view.  There are plenty folk who may surpass me in degrees or experience who would challenge my point of view.  All I ask is that you, dear reader, give us all an opportunity to weigh in, in your mind, and see for yourself who has the better hold on reality.  I trust the Spirit of truth in you to reveal the truth to you.


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