How to separate your websites

On second thought, I recommend a whole new website.


1. A subdomain saves about $15 a year.

They still cost about this much for ….

  • Updating Software – $175
  • Server Lease – $94

On the phone I said they save lots of money. But I was thinking of the way it was a few years ago.

I recommend a whole new website. Maybe like this:


2. Choose a Title

If you do use a subdomain, it’s important to choose the name carefully.

When you have clicked on one, you cannot see the content of the other.

But you can see the URL.

So it’s good to create a subdomain that is a miniature title of it’s content. The subdomain “Site4” was left over from showing a new customer a mockup of his proposed site, and I was feeling lazy. “8895Caitlin” would have described the website better.

So a first task for you might be to dream up a subdomain name that reflects the content you want to put there.


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