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  • BLOG? PHILOSOPHER’S PAGE? I suggest you settle on a title after you see what kind of content you post here.
  • FORMAT:  This simple page format gets you started. After your posts here increase, I can suggest a page format that fits your content.
  • FEATURED IMAGES: I put featured images in each post, so you can see their effect. But that doesn’t mean you need to put them in your posts.
  • VIDEOS: How to embed them
  • I collected posts from the Cousins’ Discussions as far back as 4/26/15 – Are there more?


You might want to read this first in Edit mode, to see the features these steps describe. After you have logged in, come back to this post and, in the black bar at the top, click on “Edit Post.”

1. In the black strip at the top, hover over New and click on Post.

2. If you like the wide margins on this post

(Wide margins make lengthy articles easier to read.)

  • in the top border of this box, click on [ ] and
  • select “Columns”  1/4 + 1/2 + 1/4.
  • Then put everything in the “1/2” center.
  • Delete “Sample Content” on both sides.

3. If you use these columns, and if you want excerpts of posts to show on the Philosopher’s Page, you’ll want to insert your own “manual” excerpt in the “excerpt” box at the bottom of the post, like I did on this one. Otherwise, the brackets show.



4. Open the Screen Options at the top. Then select what you want to see.

5. In the Categories box on the right, click on Philosophy.

6. In the Tags box on the right, assign topic(s) for this post. Topics display in the right hand column on the Philosopher’s Page. You can give a post more than one topic.

7. In the Canvas Settings at the bottom, select the Layout you want. On this post I selected the 2nd option.

Thinker - Copy


8. Over on the right, in the blue box, after each new thing you do, click on “Update” to save your work.

9. How to handle photos. Especially how to size them. Photos that are too big will slow your post down to where you’ll think it will never load. I use the simple Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Never tried anything more complex.

10. If you want a photo to show with the title on the Philosophy Page, insert (set) it in the Featured Image box on the lower right.

11. If you want a photo to show inside the post, click where you want it to sit. Then click in the upper left corner of the post on Add Media. This button lets you select an image from your computer or from the Media library. But before you select a photo, make sure it’s the right size.

12. After your photo has landed on the post, over on the upper right in the Publish box, click on Preview. In this new screen you can see if you want to align the photo Left, Center, Right, or None.

Thinker - Copy



Extra tips here.



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