How to Post – Outline

  1. Post1-shortLogin – at the bottom with your UserName and Password.
  2. New Post – In the upper black bar, click on “New Post.”
  3. Title – Type in a title where it says “Enter title here”
  4. Photos– See How to do pictures
  5. Text – Type in a description in the large area below — where the photo landed.
  6. Category – Send your post to the page of your choice by giving it a category in the box on the right.
  7. Featured Image – Put a featured image into the box on the right below the categories. This can be one of the images you already put into the post. This image will show up on the page where you send this post. It will sit beside the post title.
  8. Update – hit it to save your post.
  9. Check – Go to the page you sent the post.  Find your new post’s Featured Image and Title. Click to open it.
  10. Menu – Although your new post shows up on its page, it does not yet show up in your main menu up above everything.  Adding this new post to your main menu is a little tricky — kinda like my mom’s typing (Oops!) — so let me know when you have a new post that needs to show on the main menu.
  11. Learn – No, it’s not THAT tricky, so when you want to learn how to update the menu, let me know.
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