How to Edit

  1. See the black bar at the top of the page?  Go to Edit mode by clicking there on Edit Page or Edit Post.
  2. VisualTextJust above the content box, notice “Visual” and “Text.” Click on those to see what they do. If you can write HTML code, then “Text” is for you.
  3. In “Visual” mode notice all the [things in brackets], called “shortcode.” Shortcodes are how some plugins do their job on the page.
  4. To change photos, maybe start with this little blurb I wrote.  I see now that it lacks a lot. But maybe it will help. Let me know what you wish it had, eh?
  5. To change text, try deleting and adding much as you might in a word processor.
  6. Save you work now and then by clicking on Update over on the right.
  7. Experiment with text format by clicking on the symbols at the top of the content box.

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